About us

Euroktimatiki covers the entire property spectrum from first time buyers, property investors, new homes and businesses and is also renowned for its high standard of
customer service, quality of advice, first class marketing and value for money real estate.

An advantage that Euroktimatiki is a powerful and dynamic team of architects, engineers, lawyers, notaries and accountants who work alongside the team of Euroktimatiki and can give you the best
possible help and advice.

Since being founded by Mr. Ioannis Efsthathiou on 26th December 1986, Eurokitmatiki has continued to develop and expand, to become one of the largest and certainly one of the very best known real
estate agencies in Rhodes. The professional and powerful team of Euroktimatiki are up to date with all developments within the industry and aim to provide the best possible service to its customers and are trustworthy and reliable.

Euroktimatiki follows exactly, the rules and regulations set by the European Union and is also a member of the C.E.I., H.A.R. (European and Hellenic international unions).***